Instructors & Coaches


All of the instructors and coaches are Krav Maga Association certified, which means they’ve been trained in the latest techniques taught by the Chief Commanders and Head Instructors of the Israeli Defense Forces. The Chief Commander of the IDF for Krav Maga is in charge of ALL hand-to-hand combat taught within the entire Israeli Military, including the elite forces and Israeli Police.

We believe that training in Krav Maga will make you fitter, tougher and prepared to fight in all situations.


Todd Millls

Chief Instructor

Master Level Krav Maga

After 25 years in traditional martial arts, I made the switch to incorporate Krav Maga into my daily practice. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and techniques that have been provided to me. I firmly believe that everyone should have the confidence to defend themselves.


Jackie Bellan


Graduate Level 1

In today's world knowing some type of
self defense has become almost a necessity. Krav Maga is a very practical and effective self-defense system. I like that with each level you build on your skills and you are continually learning. You build the skills and confidence to defend yourself if needed. We train hard and challenge one another to improve.  Since completing graduate level 1 I now get to share what I have learned with other students.


Zach Cochran


Graduate Level 1

I started taking Krav Maga as a way to learn a real world applicable self-defense system. Now my goal is to teach others, and help them have a healthy, abundant life.


Stephanie Cochran


Graduate Level 1

Zach and Stephanie were the first couple to reach Graduate Level 1 at Battle Rock and start coaching together. They work great together and have very valuable insight in how to operate safely as a couple and family.